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What Is The Kintsugi Experience?

Is a Life-Changing, Team Building Workshop!

Your team will learn  how to manage complexity, become resilient and thrive through Kintsugi.

This is a motivating workshop that teaches teams how to adapt to the “new normal”, and get unstuck. 

As we navigate challenges, it’s easy to focus on the negative. 

We continue to face significant challenges, from health to economies to societies. 

Kintsugi introduces a new mindset focused on rebuilding and thriving in the new reality.


Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese technique of restoring broken pottery with gold. It is a celebration of “scars” and a new perspective on challenges. 

The technique consists in joining broken pieces and giving them a new, more refined aspect. Every repaired piece 

is unique because of the randomness with which 

ceramics shatters and the irregular patterns formed 

that are enhanced with the use of metals. 

Every repaired piece is unique, the “scars” become 

part of the design creating a unique piece of art.


Builds Resilience

Resilience can help protect your team from various mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety and promote a can-conquer mindset.

Change Management

Encourages flexibility towards change and improves the speed of adopting new structures or changes in the workplace and life.


Promotes better team collaboration, improving trust and engagement within teams. The nine guiding principles inspire higher levels of growth and accountability.


The Kintsugi experience is founded on vulnerability and how imperfections are gifts to be worked with, not shameful to be hidden; a secret only great leaders understand.



  1. On-day group coaching by Enkromelle
  2. Deeply engaging personalised Kintsugi experience
  3. Easy-to-learn and live Kintsugi workshop
  4. Facilitated dialogues in a psychologically safe space
  5. A Unique Team Building experience


The Deluxe Kit is a brand-new personalised gift kit that delegates can take home after the workshop.


The Base kit is a basic Kintsugi experience kit to be used and returned to the team however; delegates still carry their completed ceramics home.

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