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"What a powerhouse of a speaker! A total, total Rockstar! "
Liani - Allan Gray South Africa

Your event is a HUGE deal! Bringing it to life is already hard enough, and the last thing you want is an MC who will suck the life out of it. They have no stage presence; they are not exciting and groomed to handle on-day changes. The result; a boring event and an even annoyed audience.

The best events are those hosted by true "Masters of Ceremonies"! The content is relevant and engaging. They make the speakers and guests feel comfortable and excited to be there. Their stage presence is electric keeping your audience hooked from the start to the end!

"Enkromelle remains my consistent recommendation!"
- Lungi, BCX Innovation Manager

Master of ceremonies | speaker | coach


Enkromelle is among the most sought-after and celebrated corporate Master of Ceremonies in Africa. Having hosted numerous high-profile, corporate and social events she continues to dazzle thousands through her energy and ability to connect with anyone! Known for her electric stage presence, Enkromelle is a funny and phenomenal events host who has helped thousands of event planners create unforgettable experiences through precise execution as an events MC. 


Her interactive keynotes and training workshops teach people how to drive an exceptional culture of peak performers. She motivates a difference in how people view the world and respond to challenges. She inspires winning life philosophies through new thinking and motivating speeches. An expert on resilience, her award-winning keynote “Kintsugi” has transformed millions of lives and inspired many to thrive in uncertain times!






over 10 years hosting africa's top events!

"She made us laugh, cry, shout, dance and it was beautiful! Any group would be priviledged to experience her! She left us raring to go!"


" I tailor every keynote to my clients brief and deliver it like the last speech I will ever have a chance to give. I make sure your audience is entertained, inspired and educated!"

Enkromelle is a resilience and leadership speaker who works with corporate teams across the globe to build and create winning work and life cultures. 


Kintsugi Effect: The tiny daily productivity habits that increase team efficiency

Help your team create and integrate routine that is simple, clear and actionable to increase productivity. This is a practical session that will require teams to work together and practice unique productivity exercises when overwhelmed by the day-to-day operational responsibilities of their jobs. The goal is to help individuals achieve balance and perform at their peak without risking burnout. Our focus in this session is to learn how to make the “good habits” stick and be literally etched into our neural pathways.

Kintsugi - How to thrive in uncertain times

Learn how to manage complexity and thrive through Kintsugi a Japanese art technique used in this keynote as a metaphor for resilience. This is a powerful and motivating talk that teaches the audience how to adopt to the "new normal", build resilience and get unstuck. As we navigate through the Covid-19 Pandemic its easy to focus on the negative. We continue to face significant challenges be it health systems to economies to societies. Kintsugi introduces a new mindset focused on rebuilding and thriving in the new reality.

Kintsugi – Re-Imagining Teamwork

This talk will equip your team with powerful knowledge of how to become self-aware through kintsugi and use emotional information or feelings to their advantage as a result becoming more equipped to communicate effectively, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. Emotions are an important part of our lives as humans, however our inability to understand or manage them can be detrimental to a teams' efforts and lead team discord.

"Sometimes all we need is a light-hearted moment, to laugh, to cry, to connect, to reflect, and to feel re-energized because well, life is hard"


- because a tailored gown first measured fits best!

Do you already have an idea of what you would like Enkromelle’s talk at your event to be about? A customized talk is created to address & teach your team or event audience based on a specific brief provided by you (client). Whilst humor is a big portion of our sessions all keynotes are structured to be practical, actionable and have been well researched leaving your audience raring to go!

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